Rubber Flooring – Commercial and Industrial

Rubber flooring is a great investment for the commercial sector since it incorporates safety with durability.

The nature of rubber itself is resilient against natural and physical elements such as heavy traffic, spilled liquids, scrapes, and scratches, and is a completely renewable resource! The ProTouch Flooring team has over 15 years of experience installing commercial rubber flooring to countless industries, so you can rest assured we will provide an immaculate finish at an unbeatable rate!

Commercial and industrial rubber flooring gained momentum in the medical field and has since gained popularity in the schooling industry, government facilities, and other large enterprises. Due to commercial rubbers long-lasting, impact-free, as well as static and fade resistant properties, it helps both workers on their feet and maintains a youthful glow after years of use.

ProTouch Flooring offers a series of commercial rubber flooring services including poured rubber flooring, interlocking rubber flooring, as well as rubber carpet to suit even the most demanding workplace needs. Our team has extensive experience installing an array of commercial rubber flooring and offers clientele an abundance of textures, colours, and styles for different functions within the workplace.

Commercial grade rubber flooring

Certain styles of commercial grade rubber flooring installation styles include, but are not limited to:

  • Rubber tile flooring
  • Outdoor rubber flooring
  • Poured rubber flooring
  • Liquid rubber flooring
  • Heavy duty PVC flooring
  • Solid rubber flooring
  • Rubber runners
  • Rubber back carpet
  • Rubber carpet
  • Unique commercial rubber designs and colour schemes
  • Customizable patterns and layouts

As well as many other options!

Rubberized flooring is a safe, effective, and cost-friendly way to minimize impact to your employees, your flooring, and the environment.

At ProTouch Flooring, we put your company first so you can continue to put your clientele first. Call our team today to see if rubberized flooring is right for you!