FAQ – Hardwood Flooring

I need a quote quickly, what can I do?
ProTouch Flooring has extensive experience in quotes and estimates. If you know what type of flooring you would like, the square footage of the floor area, and any upgrades you would like, a rough over-the-phone quote can be given. We offer free estimates and will gladly survey your business to give you the most detailed quote possible!

How does ProTouch Flooring pick its brands for flooring material?
The ProTouch Flooring team has over seven years of experience with a series of brands and companies, maintaining only the highest standards for our clients. We choose only the best brands with spotless track records to ensure you get top quality results no matter which brand you decide on.

How can I be sure I will be 100% satisfied with my results?
ProTouch Flooring offers a satisfaction guarantee and warranty on all work. We are confident in our expertise and pass that confidence onto you with unmatched quality, care, and durability. Contact the ProTouch Flooring team directly for warranty information and guarantees on our commercial flooring products. We put your peace of mind first!

DIY seems like a simple cost saving solution, so why should I spend more?
No matter how simple flooring installation seems, the high traffic layout of commercial buildings makes seamless installations a must. With ProTouch flooring, we ensure you have quality installation the first time so client liability is not an issue. If commercial flooring is installed improperly, it could cause trips, slips, or falls, putting your company in the hot seat, so call the ProTouch Flooring team for a safe, durable, and reliable installation the first time!

Once my flooring is installed, how long should I wait until regular traffic can be permitted?
It is always recommended that 72 hours is given for the adhesives to dry and for all floor models to be properly set. If you have to let traffic through before the 72 hour mark and lay wooden slats down to preserve the flooring underneath. Different flooring may require different setting times, so feel free to contact the ProTouch Flooring team today for more detailed information regarding commercial flooring maintenance.

How can I preserve my flooring and keep scratches away?
Depending on the flooring, regular maintenance may or may not be necessary. It is important to fully understand what type of products should be used on your commercial flooring. Be sure to use softer materials (as opposed to abrasive sponges or scrubbers) on softer flooring, and avoid harsh chemicals. Commercial flooring is made to last for years on end, so feel free to contact the ProTouch Flooring team for all your cleaning inquiries!

If there is a hazard in the workplace, such as a lifted floorboard or a crease in the commercial carpeting, can you do service calls?
Of course! ProTouch Flooring guarantees safe and reliable installation, so call our team if you or your workers face any hazards after installation!